Tulsa COG 2019: An Immense Success

by Nov 18, 2021Resources, Thought Leadership, Tulsa

Engaging speakers, groundbreaking companies, and endless networking opportunities — The Tulsa COG 2019 Tech Event was a complete success.

There was never any doubt about the excitement over the Tulsa tech ecosystem, but had there been, it would have been thoroughly squashed following November 7th’s Center of Gravity (COG) Technology Event at Cain’s Ballroom. Players big and small representing Tulsa’s dedication to technology innovation and business development were on hand to deliver engaging talks, present incredible new ventures, and meet with others in their field.

Exciting Speaker Presentations

The speakers discussed their respective organizations, Tulsa’s recent developmental renaissances, and the city’s future as a hub of technological research and innovation in the coming years. Each speaker brought forth incredible statistics, insights, and projections about the state of Tulsa’s tech economy into the near and distant future.

Speakers included:‌ 

Groundbreaking Showcase Companies

Making the words of the speakers come alive were various showcase technology companies on hand to educate event-goers about their organizations. Some of these included companies developed by or working alongside SENTIR Research Labs. Two such companies unveiled for the first time were Kanary Alert Systems and Stratalytic Technologies. Kanary Alert Systems is a brand new gas-detection and emergency response technologies company that develops and manufactures groundbreaking gas sensor equipment and its corresponding alert systems for first responders. Stratalytic Technologies is a company designing and manufacturing innovative subterranean sensor equipment and reporting systems for the energy industry. Both of these Tulsa-based companies present not only many technological firsts for their respective industries, but are also dedicated to helping to perpetuate the tech economy of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rubbing Elbows & Exchanging Cards

COG 2019 was also an immense success from a networking perspective. While enjoying food and drinks, company representatives, researchers, and leaders from various organizations rubbed elbows, exchanged contact information, and discussed the potential of Tulsa’s tech economy.

More Where That Came From

COG 2019 was the first such event of it’s kind, but is far from the last. The Tulsa “Center of Gravity” (COG) Group that organized the November 7th event is excited to bring about many other such events and initiatives. What makes the COG Group so unique is its diverse array of members —‌including everyone from Tulsa-based tech startups to university department heads, non-profit organizations, ambitious researchers, and even tech hobbyists who are excited about the future of Tulsa’s tech economy.

For additional information, those interested are encouraged to join the COG‌ Group on Facebook and keep up with the COG Group’s online calendar of events.

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