Tom Sela, Team8 | Tulsa COG2019

by Nov 18, 2021Resources, Thought Leadership, Tulsa COG

Enjoy the video and transcript of the speech given by Tom Sela of Team8 at COG2019 on November 7th, 2019 in Tulsa, OK.


Hello, everyone. My name is Tom Sela and I’m the Director of Research at Team8. It’s a great honor to be here today. And I want to thank also the faculty of the Tulsa University for hosting me today and provided me with a wonderful learning experience. The (George) Kaiser (Family) Foundation and the University of Tulsa and Team8 has teamed together to create a Cyber Fellows Program designed for Ph.D. students who wish to advance their knowledge in cybersecurity, data science, and AI and want to create an industry impact. This joint four-years program will accept in students to this year in combined the university’s academic knowledge with Team8’s ecosystem to identify the industry’s main challenges and offer practical solutions. 

For those of you not familiar with Team8, Team8 is a company-building platform that decided to innovate in the way that startups are being built. It was founded by Nadav Zafrir — the former commander of Unit 8200 — the Israeli NSA, It has already built 10 startups and it’s headquartered both in New York and Tel Aviv. At Team8, we select a new domain once a year, bringing together the research, talent, domain expertise, and use the powerful investors and partners such as Microsoft, Walmart, Cisco, and AT&T to go through a rigorous validation process in order to create a company that will solve a world-class problem. 

We’re extremely happy to be part of the ecosystem that is being built here in Tulsa and look forward to recruiting the local representatives that will manage Team8’s local interactions. We wish to thank the Kaiser Foundation and the Tulsa University for partnering with us on this long-term journey to impact Tulsa and the industry. Thank you very much.

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