SENTIR Exec Presents $300K In Foundation-Backed Scholarships

by Nov 18, 2021News, Resources, Thought Leadership

SENTIR Executive Director, Vince Scott, recently presented a check for $300,000 on behalf of his foundation for scholarships to benefit military service men and women.

Education is the Key 

The successes of the future are largely dependant on educational opportunities available today. Whether someone is pursuing an advanced degree in business or engineering, or learning valuable skills while enlisted in the military, developing the abilities and understanding to face the challenges of tomorrow starts now. This is a core belief held at SENTIR Research Labs and is another reason why we couldn’t be more proud of our Executive Director, Vincent Scott, and his recent work with the USS Cincinnati Commissioning Foundation (UCCF). 

That’s a Big Check 

It’s not every day that most of us can write a check for $300,000 and feel great about it, but that’s precisely what Vince did. On behalf of the organization he founded, the USS Cincinnati Commissioning Foundation (UCCF), Vince presented a check for $300,000 to the Anchor Scholarship Foundation — an organization dedicated to awarding scholarships to family members of active, retired, and reserve Sailors of the US Fleet.  The USS Cincinnati Commissioning Foundation worked across the Cincinnati community to give back to their Sailors and received a tremendous amount of support.    

A Passion Turned Into Pathways 

Vince established the USS Cincinnati Commissioning Foundation (UCCF) in June of 2018, intending to support the commissioning of the under construction warship named after Cincinnati, Ohio.  The new USS Cincinnati is the 5th ship to bear the name of which all have seen distinguished service in peace and war. After a highly successful year gathering community support the UCCF joined the US Navy in celebrating the official commissioning of the USS Cincinnati (LCS-20) on October 3rd-5th, 2019.  This ceremony marks the formal entrance of the ship into the US Fleet. The UCCF raised funds to support several events around the commissioning celebration to recognize the ship, her crew, their families, and the supporting community. All remaining funds were allocated for the Anchor scholarship to support crew members and their immediate family continuing education over the life of the ship. 


Anyone who has met our Executive Director, Vince Scott, understands his commitment to, and pride in the men and women who guard our country’s freedoms in our nation’s military. Vince’s own military roots run deep — not only as retired Naval Officer, but both his and his wife’s father’s served along with a combined seven immediate family members. This commitment extends to helping SENTIR Labs become a national leader in supporting our communities, our country, and our service men and women. 


At SENTIR Research Labs, we believe providing ample support for our nation’s military. Just as they serve us with their lives, we believe that we not only owe them our support in the form of enriching educational opportunities but also with the most sophisticated technological solutions to the problems they face daily. 

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