Applied Ergonomics Team, Performance Division, Soldier Effective Directorate, U.S. Army DEVCOM Soldier Center

Conduct Anthropology, Human Factors and Human Systems Integration research and product test and design support. The Applied Ergonomics Team applies research and use knowledge of human abilities, limitations and physical shape/size variations to help design systems, work processes, and products for safe, optimal, and comfortable Warfighter use.

    • Human factors and human system integration (HSI) product test & evaluation
    • System integration & compatibility (CIE inventory, UX)
    • Mobility, lethality and survivability analysis (ROM, LEAP, IMU, actigraphy, Soldier/team marksmanship scenarios)
    • Body shape and size analysis (anthropometric, functional reach and range of motion training and assessment)
    • Sensorial systems assessments (visual, auditory, tactile)
    • Habitability/workplace environment evaluations (light, sound, air)
    • Sleep attributes (Actigraphy, 1-chnl EEG)
    • Characterizing the Soldier’s shape/size (anthropometric database development and maintenance, manual/digital anthropometric measurement and modeling)
    • Anthropometric survey design and execution, experimental design, statistical analysis & advanced modeling

User Experience (UX) Laboratory: This laboratory includes a large and small experimentation room, both connected to an observation and control room. One-way mirrors, table/ceiling microphones, and high-definition wall/task cameras allow for unobtrusive observation and documentation of Warfighters as they complete interactive tasks either using digital interfaces or physical products. Eye tracking, physiological measures, facial expression analysis, task completion timing, and error rates can all be captured, in addition to qualitative user feedback.
Human Systems Integration (HSI) Laboratory: This laboratory supports applied research aimed at understanding how the operational environment and equipment effect Warfighter performance on critical tasks. The laboratory has a large reconfigurable space and equipment to engage with engineer, design teams and Warfighters from concept development to A/B product comparison testing, including ASTM and other standardized tests, gross mobility and mission task simulation, video/audio recording technology for AAR/stakeholder engagement, interactive interview/focus group and brainstorming tools to investigate concept exploration, needs assessment and information groupings.
Soldier Clothing and Anthropometry Laboratory: This laboratory supports the manual measurement of Warfighter anthropometry and the assessment of the fit and sizing of prototype and developmental clothing and equipment ensembles. This space can be joined with the HSI Laboratory to facilitate collaborative fit and performance testing of developmental items as well as access to the Digital Soldier Anthropometry Laboratory for 3 and/or 4-dimensional (3/4D) body scanning.
Digital Soldier Anthropometry Laboratory: This laboratory houses state of the art digital scanning technology, which allow for highly accurate and precise measurement of the Warfighter body size and shape (or other equipment). Data can be captured in either 3 or 4 dimensions (3/4D) (the 4D is movement) using whole body, head or feet scanners. This data is used to conduct basic and applied research to understand changes in body size/shape, interaction of the body with equipment (both virtually and in reality), area of coverage, volumetric measurements, air gapping, equipment standoff, fit, and many other metrics.